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Connected Care Circle brings you a  podcast (Re:Imagine Healthcare) that aims to answer the changing dynamics in patient engagement. What role does technology play in the space and what are the key initiatives/metrics each individual in the ecosystem expects.

“Connected Care Circle is born with the idea of creating a community of healthcare transformers shaping the industry. The human race is the most successful among all species because of our ability to trust and work together for a common cause.

To Re: Imagine Healthcare, we felt it was essential to build a community where we have participation from the entire ecosystem. With our community-driven approach, our goal is to overcome the health challenges of today and ensure healthy lives tomorrow.” 

Soumay Seth
Evangelist – Connected Care Circle


Meet The Hosts

Mumma to ninja toddler twin boys and a sassy 8 year old. Nicole Brodie is a digital lifestyle entrepreneur with over 10 years experience, with a passion for health and wellness. Hosting shows and events to make an impact globally.

Nicole brodie



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